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We create custom stories to increase exposure for your brand to help you better connect to current and potential clients.

In today’s marketing and advertising clime, it’s not enough to offer big discounts or flash sales to rely on customer retention. Instead, the trick is to find a way to make a lasting, meaningful connection between your brand and your clients.

The best way to do that is by telling stories.

Our Storytelling Approach Services Content Partners

Our Storytelling Approach


In 2013, Susan Gunelius wrote about brand storytelling for ForbesIn that article, Gunelius explained what we’ve come to embrace as our goal here at Cutthroat Creative Media:

Marketers have been telling brand stories for years through advertising, in-person brand experiences, and so on, but the art of writing those brand stories as effective pieces of online content is a challenge that few are trained to do. That’s because the best brand storytellers understand the critical elements of fiction writing, which are skills that few marketers have been formally trained to do.

We have that experience, but more importantly, we have the digital marketing background necessary to leverage compelling storytelling for use in effective, revenue-generating brand marketing.

Intimate Industry Insight

Photo by Ryan Kelly

Owner/CEO Spencer Durrant has spent his entire life fly fishing, hunting, backpacking, and hiking through the American West. His intimate knowledge of how the outdoors and lifestyle industries operates gives Cutthroat Creative Media the edge in the content creation market. Durrant’s work with retailers, manufacturers, start-ups, and industry behemoths guides how we approach the stories we tell for each of our clients.

Local Knowledge


If you’re an outfitter that offers canyoneering, why would you hire a content agency on the East Coast to write about the intricacies of water knots and belay lines?

You wouldn’t. You’d want a subject matter expert – and we have a stable of those here at Cutthroat Creative Media.

Our team lives and breathes the outdoors, which everyone specializing in one (or more) area of recreation. From hunting, fly fishing, rock climbing, and backpacking, to skiing, snowboarding, and ice climbing, we’re a group of content creators who walk the walk. Whatever your niche, we can tell a story for your audience.

Capturing The Story


The environs we’re blessed to recreate in are among the most breathtaking on the planet. Often, the setting changes the angle of a story, if only slightly. At Cutthroat Creative Media, we’re firm believers in letting the outdoors speak for themselves – and we capture that unique communication with unparalleled professionalism.

You know as well as we do that the best stories are the ones you discover while on the water or the trail. We’re here to relay those stories to your customers.


Cutthroat Creative Media focuses on creating brand-specific stories which increase exposure and generate revenue for our clients. Our stories revolve around your goals and key performance indicators, and meets these common brand marketing objectives

Owned Content Creation Brand Awareness Product Placement and Reviews Social Validation

Each story crafted at Cutthroat Creative Media falls into one of those four categories, but we’re not boxing ourselves – or your story – into place. If you have stories that go beyond the scope of what’s listed above, we want to hear them. Stretching ourselves to tell unique stories is part of being dynamic content creators.

Owned Content Creation


Whether you have a fully-staffed marketing department or a jack-of-all-trades marketing superstar, we know you only have so much bandwidth. Creating owned content that returns on its cost isn’t easy when you’re also monitoring PPC campaigns.

Cutthroat Creative Media crafts owned content on your schedule, for your specific needs, giving you the time to finish the heavy lifting of campaign strategy creation. You focus on how, where, and when consumers will see the story – and we’ll focus on capturing that story.

Brand Awareness


From breathtaking photos to Instagram stories users will watch again and again, brand awareness is an ongoing effort that often doesn’t fall inside a specific marketing campaign.

Our brand awareness content usually takes the form of photography and video, where your products are prominently displayed. Our brand awareness service differs from owned content creation in that we’ll help you create distribution strategies for the stories we create for you.

Product Placement and Reviews


Product reviews are a key piece of brand collateral you can’t succeed without. According to Shopify 70% of consumers consult product reviews before making a buying decision.

Owner/CEO Spencer Durrant’s outdoors writing background originated in gear reviews, and his reviews in Hatch Magazine, KSL.com, and The Modern Trout Bum are well-respected in the fly fishing industry. We know product reviews, and we do them exceptionally well.

But why pay for product reviews when you can likely get them for free – in exchange for gear?

Because Cutthroat Creative Media can place these product reviews in prominent channels, on sites with authority in their respective niches. Anyone can start a gear review blog, but few people are able to match the quality and placement of product reviews from Cutthroat Creative Media.

These reviews can be written, filmed, or both. The choice is up to you.

Cutthroat Creative Media also offers a unique product placement program. Our team is constantly traveling, visiting the places your products are built for. The stories our team tells of these trips are great opportunities for your brand to get product placement in a variety of places. Whether it’s a team member’s personal blog or local newspaper, we’ll work with you to get your gear to as many wild places as possible.

Social Validation


When a consumer sees one review or mention of your product, they’re likely intrigued. When they see those in multiple places – across all social media platforms – they realize that your brand is “legit.”

Cutthroat Creative Media works with our partners to both place and share your brand stories in multiple places, increasing your social reach and validation in the eyes of consumers. Whether you need help with a story you’ve created yourself, or want us to socially validate a story we created for you, Cutthroat Creative Media can help.

Content Partners

Cutthroat Creative Media partners with a select few creators to give you the highest-quality product possible. We’re pleased to work with some of the industry’s brightest storytelling talents, including:


Capture Adventure Media has produced back-to-back-to-back award-winning films for the International Fly Fishing Film Festival, including Wide Open, The Jungle’s Edge, and Confluentus. They’ve also produced the hit instructional video, Modern Nymphing and Modern Nymphing 2.


Green River Fly Fisher is one of the most talented photographers in the Western United States, and their photography has been featured in multiple national publications, including Orvis and Field & Stream.

sharkallyfall copy.jpg

High on the Fly is a Utah-based photographer, specializing in fly fishing. They’re able to capture the adventure and fun of the sport in a unique fashion.


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